How To Clean And Organize Your Kitchen

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Kitchens can be one of the messiest areas in the house. Kids and animals running through, sauce splattering out of the pan, and the never-ending pile of dishes. Plus, you’re in the kitchen multiple times a day, cooking and rummaging through the cabinets or pantry. If your kitchen isn’t organized, keeping it clean can be a challenge. Top Tiers House Cleaning of Joliet, IL has 7 tips to organize your kitchen and 6 ways to keep it tidy.

First step, Organize!

Let’s start with the cabinets. All dishes, bowls, and cups should be organized closest to the dishwasher. That way when you are emptying the dishwasher you won’t have to walk all over the kitchen. You can quickly and efficiently put the dishes back to their designated spots.

Next stop, Pantry. When it comes to organizing food and pantry items, labeling is your best friend. Use storage bins, baskets, or whatever you need, and label accordingly. For example, all kids snacks can be placed in a labeled container within their reach. Rice and noodles can be stored in one bin while another container will have canned items. Keeping all baking items in one container or shelf is also helpful.

Now let’s head to the fridge. Before organizing, make sure to clear out all expired items. Then place older foods that will expire soon in the front and the newer items in the back. The door should hold condiments and items that won’t be easily affected by warmth seeping in when holding the door open. Keep a list on the door of all shopping items you will need to buy. You can use a notepad or whiteboard to keep track of what food is running low and what is expiring soon.
If you don’t have a designated cabinet for all spices and baking items, we recommend buying a spice rack. You can organize them with labels directed out so you can conveniently find the spice you need. We also suggest placing it near your stove top, where you’ll need it most!

Now to the tupperware cabinet, which can be a scary place. You can place the storage bins in a larger container where they can be organized by size. The lids can be placed in a smaller container, ranging from smallest to largest. That way all the tupperware is in an organized location and you can effortlessly find the right sized lid.

Spatulas, serving spoons, and other larger utensils can be difficult to organize if you don’t already have a designated drawer or bin for them. We suggest getting some short and thin storage bins that can be placed in a drawer near the stove. The more often used items can be placed in a jar or decorative cup on the countertop.

Lastly, we’ve reached the cabinet under the sink. This is the ideal spot for all your cleaning supplies and or trash bin. If you are in need of more space, you can install a closet pole across the top that spray bottles can hang from.
Now it’s time to keep your newly organized kitchen in spotless condition! Or try to at least…

Here Are Our 6 Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen:


Keep it Simple:

The less clutter kept on the counters is the best way to keep it clean. If you can, organize your shelves and drawers to where all your kitchen items are stored there, you will have more space on the countertops. Now when you’re wiping the counters you won’t have to move everything out of the way to clean. Also, have you ever had spaghetti sauce splatter everywhere? The fewer items to clean, the better.

Clean Before and During Cooking:

We suggest cleaning before you start a meal, that way there will be less mess to clean up afterward. Cleaning while your cooking is also essential. While your waiting for the water to boil you can empty the dishwasher. Done with the spices or utensils? Put them away, right away. Some flour spilled? Take the opportunity to wipe all the countertops while you’re cleaning that mess. Cleaning during the in-between times of cooking will make keeping the kitchen clean so much easier.

Wipe Out The Sink:

After you’re done washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher, wipe out the sink. Your sinks surface will need less scrubbing if you do a simple scrub every time you’re done using it. Don’t let food scraps sit overnight, the sight of a messy sink in the morning will only add stress to your day. Think of your future self, and clean out the sink.

Scrub The Stove:

The stove top and interior can build up in grime and burnt food. We recommend doing a thorough clean of your stove to clean it in the future with ease. If you’ve neglected cleaning the stove, like many of us have, it might need a deep scrub. Afterward, If you do a quick wipe down every time you’re finished using the stove top, you won’t have the hassle of cleaning built up grime.

Don’t Skip The Cabinets:

The surface of the cabinet doors can be covered in greasy fingerprints, especially if you have teenagers or little ones running around. When you’re wiping the countertops take a second to clean the handles and surfaces of the cabinets. Dust can build up along the walls on the inside of the cabinet, before organizing tupperware and dishes, take a duster and do a quick clean-up.

Finish With Floors:

We suggest cleaning the floors last so you won’t miss any dust or crumbs that fell while you were cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned the floors in a while, you should sweep and then mop. A fast sweep every day will guarantee a crumb-free kitchen floor. We recommend scheduling a day every week to mop the floors so they can stay spotless and clean.
Now your kitchen is organized and clean! We hope these 13 tips were beneficial to you. Here’s to keeping a clean and organized kitchen every day! Don’t have the time to keep a tidy kitchen? Call Top Tier House Cleaning today to receive professional maids who will keep your kitchen spotless.