How To Find A Great House Cleaning Service

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A cleaning service supposed to save you time right?

Well, if you have to try out 5 companies just to find a good one, you haven’t saved much time, have you? In fact, you’ve probably taken more time delegating than you would have spent cleaning!

That’s why it’s so important to find the right cleaning service the first time.

Local Reviews

First things first, check out the online presence of any cleaning company that you’re interested in. You want to see what reviews if any, that company has. Here of the top sites to look at:

Google Reviews

Reviews are not the end all be all of whether or not a business is good and many businesses (like our own) struggle to get reviews. We’ve all read reviews from crazy customers of our favorite restaurant who complained because the weather was bad and they wanted to eat outside.

So, of course, reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Or maybe more than a few.

Still, be on the look for any major red flags mentioned in the reviews like problems with payments or theft. Once is more than enough when it comes to businesses like these.

House Cleaning Websites

Cleaning service websites are not known for their state-of-the-art web design. So when you’re reviewing a cleaning services website you’re really focused on the content. Obviously, be on the lookout for any red flags like rudeness in the text of the site (you’d be surprised!)

Ask yourself, “what is important to this company?” as you read their website.

Compile a list of other questions to ask yourself (and eventually the company) as you read their website. Here are few we think are important:

How often do the cleaners change?
How quickly can I expect a callback?
Is billing easy and straightforward?
Do you use green cleaning products?
Do you use any special equipment?

You know what’s important to you and it’s critical you know that before the cleaners are in your home!

The Phone Call

The most important step of all is the phone call!

How are they on the phone? At Top Tier House Cleaning of Joliet, always try to make sure that when we answer the phone you understand that you’re our number one priority. You can tell right away if this is the case as soon as you hear the person on the other end!

Next, you want to talk about price. Everyone has a budget, at some point. And you simply want to get your money’s worth. While it is usually best to visit a space to give a quote most service should be comfortable giving you an idea of the cost over the phone.

Next, follow up on any questions you had that haven’t already been answered. These could be specific to the service (scheduling, insurance, etc) or specific to your space (are they pet-friendly, etc). Ask about any strange reviews you saw or anything else discovered in your online research.

The bottom line is any cleaning company should be willing to answer any question you have.

If their service doesn’t match your needs, you want to know about it before they show up for first clean!

At Top Tier House Cleaning of Joliet, we think our service can match just about any need. So after you’ve checked out our reviews and our website- give us a call and let us show you why!